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:a collection of original images and sounds by me:
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Yellow(life)jacket in the wading pool. Making the most of human detritus.

Generic pollinator photo #58.

"Nothing is true; Everything is permitted."

Children of Sedum

Lo-Res Aquilegia

8-bit beauty


Last year’s dahlias.

Cookware Art.

The Secret of My Success.

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Typographische Monatsblätter | Gregory Vines | Socks Studio

The “Typographische Monatsblätter” is a seminal Swiss magazine about typography design, published since 1933 and still in the newsstands today. During the years, it constantly featured cutting-edge works which captured the most radical researches in visual communication. Going through its archives you can understand its role in shaping the imaginary behind typographical design through the years.

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